• STEP 4

    Workbook Recommendation – Before watching this video I recommend you read the section starting with the chapter called “Simple Affirmations for Gaining Control over Love Addiction” which you will find on pages 129 to 135. Then pages 100-110 “The Unsent Letter”.

  • 1 – Other Ways to Describe Love Addiction

  • 2 – Reflecting on Yourself

    Thinking about the video above. How much do you relate to each of the types of problematic love that I introduced in the video? Feel free to write things down in your notebook.

    • Loving too much
    • Obsessive Love
    • Fixated Love
    • Blind Love
    • Passionate Love
    • Unrequited Love
    • Hungry Love
    • Erotomania (you imagine that a celebrity is obsessed with you)
    • Erotic Love (desire)

    Which one of the above do you most relate to?
    Which of the above do you think your friends would describe you as?

  • 3 – Workbook Check-in

  • Now that you are well into this online programme I just wanted to check that you are also working through the workbook? This programme and the workbook have been specially designed so that you can do them both at the same time. You don’t need to have read the workbook before working through the online programme and visa versa.

  • Co-dependency and loving too much share similarities

    The antidote for Co-dependency and loving too much is learning to love yourself

    Charlotte Davis Kasl

  • I personally recommend only doing one part of the online programme a day. The goal isn’t to get through the programme as quickly as possible, but rather to spend quality time giving each part your full attention and also allowing yourself time to really reflect on each part; “to sleep on it” as people say. Working in this way you will find it easier to integrate the learnings and changes.