• Step 21

    1 – What can cause Love Addiction?

  • Why are you sad? Because you speak to me in words and I look at you with feeling…

    Anna Karenina

  • Workbook Recommendation

    Having watched this video I recommend you look at the following two sections:

    Please see Exercise 9: Patterns from the past on pages 182-192 then “Regaining a Healthy Balance Between the Inner Child and the Adult You” from pages 122 to 137.

  • 2 – Letting Go of Your Own Love Addiction Causes

    In the video above I’ve described the most common causes of an Addiction to Love and Romance. Although your story may be different as we are all unique, see how much you can relate to the following more common causes. It’s not about blame, and you don’t need to forgive, but rather, accept and let go.

    • Neglect, abandonment, and lack of nurturing in early childhood.
    • Loss of parental figure or primary care taker in early childhood.
    • Parental arguments, dispute and separation by divorce or death.
    • (For female love addicts) the absent or emotionally unavailable father.
    • (For male love addicts) the loss of mother’s warmth, nurturing, and love.
    • Being bullied at school, peer pressure, feeling socially alienated.
    • Having crushes at school from 13 to 16 years.
    • F.E.A.R – False Evidence Appearing Real.

    Which of the above did you most relate to?