• STEP 27

    You have completed this online “Love Addiction and Heartbreak Recovery Programme”

    1 – What now?

    Here are my recommendations for what you can do now to keep up the momentum of your personal change and transformation.

    Workbook and eBooks

    Make sure that you have finished the digital workbook and eBooks as they also contain empowering and powerful exercises and insights, supporting and strengthening the lessons and strategies you have got from this online programme.

    Revisit this programme

    I would highly recommend that you revisit this online programme in a few weeks or months depending on your needs. There really are so many useful insights that many people have told me they get even more from it the second time through. Of course using the navigation above you can jump to specific parts if you like.

  • Keep in touch with me

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    If you feel this programme has helped you through this most painful time of loss I would love to hear your story and the difference it has made to you. Please email me on: enquiries@helenmiaharris.com as I created this through my own experience I had many years ago and am passionate about it supporting others.

  • 2 – A final message from Helen Mia

    It is with much pleasure that I have shared with you some of the ways that I healed myself from this most debilitating experience of loving too much.

    I want you to know that if I could survive such a deep loss, you can too, just take one day at a time and surround yourself in family, friends and things that you are passionate about. I created this programme, as at that time I had nowhere to turn, this is why I say this most passionately: this compassionate programme was created with those in mind who could gain support and guidance through unrequited love and loss, which describes heartbreak in every way.

    Remember you must be a creative, loving and passionate person to feel so very much, now you have to turn to yourself and know that you can blossom for your ‘own’ joy, you will survive this loss and day by day life will feel easier and a whole new chapter in your life will emerge, one without emotional pain and distress. Take good care and I send you love, strength, inspiration and warmest wishes –

    Helen Mia Harris