• STEP 24

    1 – Preparing for your journey

    The video below is another guided journey and as before it is important that you become centered and relaxed before watching it.

    We have sat together a number of times and you have become more relaxed. Now it is important that you understand that you can become more relaxed whenever you want. So remembering what you’ve done before and all the new things you’ve learned on this program, I want you to close your eyes and imagine your own voice guiding you into an inner relaxation. Take as long as you want and when you are ready, you can open your eyes and watch this video as if you are looking from your own inner stillness.

  • 2 – Choral Shells: Learning to Breathe Without You

  • There’s nothing more painful than loving into a void.

    Robert Weiss

  • Love heightens our senses but lowers our perceptions.

    Leo Tolstoy