• STEP 1

    1 – Surviving an Addiction to Romantic Love

  • My workbook “A Personal Journey through an Addiction to Love” is designed to go hand in hand with this online programme. It contains lots of additional information, diagrams, exercises, strategies and guidance.

    This entire workbook is woven around my own personal experience of heartbreak, lovesickness, unrequited love and loss. Even though this shattering sense of abandonment anxiety happened so long ago, I entered the entire experience in to my journals whilst I was still in the relationship. I wrote around 150 journals throughout the ending of the relationship to the actual breakup, which I can only say, that without this devastating heartbreak, helplessness and sorrow, I couldn’t have written this workbook. Writing was my only means of survival back then. Of course one book can not describe everything that happened, but all the exercises and research within this book are there to help you through this most debilitating affliction of the heart. Losing a loved one is by far the most profound loss we can ever experience. This compassionate programme was created to help you through the coming days and I want to say you will get through this painful time…

    Before you continue to the next step I highly recommend you download the workbook now because I will recommend related chapters for you to read as you progress along this online programme. The order of the chapters I recommend may not be in order and of course you can read the workbook at your own pace too. You don’t need to wait for me to recommend a chapter before reading it. This workbook is a complete body of work based on many years of research combined with my own personal experience of loss and heartache, and is 312 pages. You don’t need to print it out. There are a number of exercise sheets and I have put them in a separate file so that you only need to print those pages out.

    The workbook is a PDF which should be readable on any device including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers. If it is not already installed, simply click here to get Adobe reader for free.

  • Handy hint: To download a copy of each document simply right click on its button above and select “Save link as…” or similar words depending on your device. On a mobile device if you hold down the button for about 2 seconds you should get the option to “Save the link”

  • 2 – An Introduction from Helen Mia Harris

  • Workbook Recommendation: Before watching this video I recommend you read the chapter called “Introduction” which you will find on pages 1 to 22.

    “The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it” Nicholas Sparks

  • 3 – Beginning your journey

    OK before we continue onto the next step I want you to take a moment to just check you have everything you need to keep you feeling as calm as possible. Here’s a list of some of the things I’d recommend. Feel free to add anything else that will help you to relax, and be able to give this programme the attention you deserve..

    • A glass of water or another refreshing drink, like a herbal tea or something warming. It’s important to stay hydrated and to take care of your body at this sorrowful time. Even slight dehydration can make it a lot harder to focus.
    • Peace and quiet – if you can, make sure the room is quiet and free from distractions. TV and radio off, phone set to silent. If need be, put some headphones on, whatever you are most comfortable with or some soothing music that doesn’t evoke memories of your lost love.
    • Sitting comfortably? – Make sure you are warm, comfortable and able to relax. If it is winter find a nice warm blanket and cover your shoulders.
    • Pen, notepad, printer? – At times you may want to make notes, or print an exercise sheet from the workbook. It’s useful to have what you need to hand.
    • No matter how sad you may feel – I want you to know that you are not alone and you are doing this program to heal yourself and gain emotional freedom and inner strength.

    Help is here – should you need it…

  • 4 – The 27 Steps

    Throughout the videos you may hear me refer to “the 15 step programe”. This is because when I first created this programme a few years ago there were just 15 steps. Which were 9 videos and 6 guided journeys. Since then the programme has grown adding more depth, refinement, support and useful sections to it. So although you may hear me referring to “15 steps” you can enjoy the fact that now you are getting so much more to support you through this compassionate healing process. This is why the programme now has 27 parts to it!

    On each step there may be multiple parts and these will be clearly marked.

    With warmest wishes and inspiration,