• STEP 17

    1 – How Does Love Addiction Impact on Daily Life?

  • Whether or not you were aware that there was something missing in your life, you will be when you meet the person you want…

    Adam Phillips

  • Workbook Recommendation

    Having watched this video I recommend you read the section starting with the chapter called “Signs that You May be in a Narcissistic Relationship” which you will find on pages 215 to 222.

  • 2 – Which Ways Have Love Addiction Affected Your Daily Life?

    • Loss of concentration.
    • Becoming irritable.
    • Start to stay away from friends and family.
    • Neglect your own family and marriage (if your person of desire is not the person you are married to).
    • Hiding behind secret worlds for fear friends and family find out who you “really” are.
    • Profuse preoccupation with text messaging, emails, and phonecalls.
    • Anxiety and obsession renders addict powerless.
    • Like a drug addict, the love addicted must have their fix.
    • I love you, I hate you, don’t leave me… caught in a loop.
    • Neglect your self care and hygiene, unless meeting your person of attraction.
    • Self medication – shifts one addiction to another, eg alcohol/drugs.

    Notice which of the above points you identify with, either now or in the past and make a note of how strongly they apply to you.

  • 3 – Finding Practical Strategies for Change

    Focusing on one of the ways Love Addiction affects your life. Write down practical things you could do to break the habit.

    For example. If you are “Staying away from friends and family”, then plan an afternoon with your family, or a trip out with your friends.

    If you are “neglecting your self care and hygiene” then make a date with yourself, and on that date, really go to town caring for yourself, having a good soak in the bath or a trip to the spa or massage. Importantly it’s for you. It’s a date with you, because you really are the most special person in your life.