• Step 20

    1 – Workbook Check-In

    If you haven’t already done so then please read the chapter “Love Equilibrium Unbalanced – Pursuer vs. Pursued” starting on page 175.

    Following from step 19, the diagram below, which also accompanies the workbook, explains more about the dynamics between a Love Addict (pursuer) and Love Avoidant (pursued). In 2. below I provide a video where I discuss this diagram in detail.

  • 2 – Video Explaining Unbalanced Love Equilibrium

  • The truth is we are not afraid of being in love, we are afraid of not being loved in return…

    Helen Mia Harris

  • Workbook Recommendation

    Having watched this video I recommend you read the section starting with the chapter called “Love Equilibrium Unbalanced – Pursuer vs. Pursued” which you will find on pages 181 to 197.