• eBook: Is There a Cure For Love Addiction? A powerful healing system for women who love too much


    A Powerful Healing System for Women Who Love Too Much”

    In this in depth and empowering e-Book, relationship expert Helen Mia Harris explores the intricate reasons behind why so many of us lose all sense of our own individuality, independence and uniqueness the moment we enter into a romantic relationship, sacrificing ourselves and everything we are in the name of love.

    But “Is there a cure to Love Addiction?” Helen asks.

    Well, that’s the most important question of all…

    Many can feel desperate for some kind of magic pill that will end the heartbreak, feelings of rejection and all-consuming emotional pain that comes with a breakup, so they can escape the grief, love withdrawal and sadness that renders them completely helpless.

    In this eBook we follow the true story of Alicia a creative director for a major company who explains:

    “I’m involved with someone now and I find it almost impossible to sustain my work life. Everything feels like it is falling apart. If he fails to return my calls, texts or is unable to see or speak to me, I become completely emotionally distraught, unable to concentrate, and just can’t stop thinking about him let alone board a plane to go overseas for a work conference. All my attention is consumed by this one person who seems most unlike what I would normally be attracted to.”

    If you want to understand how we can love too much and how we lose ourselves in a relationship, Helen Mia provides useful tips, strategies and guidelines which are not only empowering but by the end of this 45 page eBook you will most certainly have the depth of knowledge and understanding to finally give you the strength to get past a painful breakup and heal the devastating loss.

    This eBook is a great companion for the Workbook which Helen Mia developed:

    Surviving the Addictive Love Cycle: A Personal Journey through an Addiction to Romantic Love:

    A Self-help restorative workbook of empowering exercises and strategies to support you through; a painful break-up; anxious attachment, Co-dependency, rejection, unrequited love and loss.

    IMPORTANT: This eBook is included as part of the Online Love Addiction and Heartbreak Recovery Programme. If you have purchased the programme then you don’t need to purchase this book separately.

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