• A sensitive and empowering programme to assist you
    through the devastating experience of Lost Love…

    Move Beyond Grief and Love Withdrawal: Survive the overwhelming symptoms of Rejection, Powerlessness and Abandonment.

    • Romantic Love is an addiction: a perfectly wonderful addiction when it’s going well and a perfectly horrible addiction when it’s going poorly…

      Helen Fisher

    • If you want the world to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice (self) compassion.

      The Dalai Lama

  • Recover from an addictive unhappy
    relationship and overcome:

    • Heartbreak of Rejection
    • Jealousy and Insecurity
    • Lovesickness and Love Withdrawal
    • Lost Love and Limerence
    • Unrequited Love after or during a painful Relationship or Breakup

    If you have any questions before purchasing the programme please don’t hesitate to email Helen Mia at enquiries@helenmiaharris.com

  • What’s in the programme?

    This easy to use, sensitive and empowering 10+ hours Online Recovery Programme is for anyone who is experiencing the devastating symptoms of: Love and Loss, Co-dependency, unrequited love, heartbreak, limerence and love, loving too much, anxious attachment, rejection, love withdrawal, jealousy and an addiction to romantic love.

    With over 10+ hours of videos, guided journeys, meditations and with a 300+ page workbook “A Personal Journey Through an Addiction to Romantic Love” woven sensitively around Helen Mia’s personal journey.

  • It will give you:

    The EXACT tools, insights, exercises & techniques to finally end the addictive love cycle of yearning and longing, which is DESTROYING any chance you have of breaking free and moving on after a painful break up…

    The antidote to loving too much and emotional dependency is to help you move towards emotional self-reliance and autonomy.

    How to overcome repetitive intrusive thought patterns and to become less compulsive regarding your need for an emotional response from your partner.

    Helen Mia will teach you how to unlock your inner strength following lost love and the heartbreak of rejection and abandonment.

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  • I was a love addict and every partner I had seemed to run away from my neediness. I did the online program and found that I could relate to all of it, the videos, meditations and the personal stories made me feel like I wasn’t losing my mind as I identified with the people especially Mathew’s Story. What she’s done for me is a miracle really. I now have my own life, and I can see that people find me more attractive and interesting as I’m no longer so needy. Thank you so much Helen for helping me to understand that we can’t “make” someone love us in return if they don’t feel the same way – you really are an insightful and genuine therapist, it shines through in your videos”


  • Helen, you and your life changing programme have really helped me find myself again. Literally! I was needy, insecure, emotional, unsociable and un-trusting, looking for any word or signs that would send me into a blind rage of jealousy and insecurity. After doing your recovery programme I feel like I have been on a long journey of self discovery, I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back.


  • A Message from Helen Mia

    I KNOW with certainty and passion I can help you through this devastating time of lost love and abandonment through or after a painful breakup. I can fully relate to what you are feeling as I have been there and I know how hard it is to break free from the damaging grip of addictive love, Co-dependency and the overwhelming fear of being rejected, unwanted and discarded.

    I completely understand how stuck we can feel when we don’t have the answers; tools and insights that we “need” to survive this affliction of the heart in love.

    For this reason I have created with passion and sincerity this Healing 10+ hours Online Recovery Programme and the Workbook that is woven around my own personal story from my journals at that time. This sensitive programme can be done from the comfort of your own home and I know it will really help restore your confidence, emotional recovery and self worth and regain your enthusiasm for life. Break free of an addictive relationship that is making you feel sorrowful, anxious and unhappy.

    Helen Mia Harris – Relationship Therapist, Couples Therapist, Marriage Counsellor and Couples Coach. Specialist in Love Addiction, Heartbreak and Co-dependency. MBACP Registered : NCPS Accredited.

  • The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any…

    Alice Walker

  • Benefits of this programme

    In this compassionate programme you will understand most of all that you can choose YOU, and you will SURVIVE the heartbreak of rejection and loss. I have been where you are now and I know with all my heart this life affirming online resource will help ease your painful symptoms of unrequited love and loss.

    Most of all it will help you to SURVIVE the Addictive Love Cycle and assist you to THRIVE and love without losing yourself…

    This programme will help you heal a broken heart, an addiction to romantic love, an impossible, passionate desire and the debilitating symptoms of lost love so you can live entirely and wholeheartedly in alignment with your own authenticity and help you to fabricate emotional self reliance and live the passionate life you truly deserve.

    Give yourself the gift of empowerment, take charge of your life & relationships that give you mutual love and emotional connection.<?p>

    • Learn how to heal and soothe the anxious and obsessive symptoms of rejection, panic, love addiction and love withdrawal after a painful breakup
    • How to break free from the physical, emotional and psychological symptoms of “love withdrawal”
    • Learn how to reclaim your own inner strength and an authentic connection to yourself to free you from a Co-dependent on/off unhealthy relationship
    • Gain as much knowledge and insight as possible to keep affirming that “Being in love does NOT mean being in emotional pain”
    • Understanding the difference between healthy love and insecure, anxious love and learn why the love addict finds it difficult to leave their “avoidant” partner
    • Understand your natural longing for love and union, how to experience a sense of self love, self validation, autonomy, independence and emotional self reliance
    • Explore your pattern of loving too much and learn how to love in a healthier way, reverse the powerless symptoms of self abandonment, fear of being alone and feeling unlovable; learn to love without losing YOU!
    • Feel empowered enough to say NO if you are in a relationship whereby the love you feel for another isn’t mutually reciprocated
    • Redirect your craving for love to developing a fundamental connection to yourself through 27 strategies, tips, insights, exercises and visualisations which will help you to gain inner strength, solitude, self worth, self respect and lovability
    • Learn that the antidote for loving too much and co-dependency is all about learning to love yourself
  • It is only when we no longer compulsively need someone that we can have a ‘real’ relationship with them…

    Antony Storr

  • I have found Helen and her programme in the total midst of mental torment, unable to stay in an unhealthy relationship but unable to leave due to deep issues with attachment trauma resulting in fear and terror and a total inability to detach. A repeated pattern from one relationship to the next. Confusion and internal punishment about what is addiction, what is love. A total focus on the relationship and not on myself.

    For me and my personal circumstances, Helen’s support and programme are steering me away from the mental torment of this impossible decision. To accept where I am and to focus on what is important. The work is helping me to see my role in all my relationships both current and past and where this is causing me to become ‘stuck’ and that this change is what’s important. I am being shown how I seek to recreate the original childhood traumas as familiarity brings back the distorted sense of safety I felt as a child. She is helping me to see that the focus is about this pattern in me and not staying or going. This not only feels like a huge relief, but I feel reassured that whatever happens with my current relationship I will learn how to have healthy relationships be it with my current partner, someone new in the future and most importantly with myself.


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